Year Title Publisher PDF www Talk Talk Context Location Video
2021 Art’s Intolerable Knowledge
EARN Utrecht
  • The Postresearch Condition, Keynote for EARN European Artistic Research Network
  • Utrecht
2019 Cause and Effect Dialogue: Amanda Beech and Anna Longo
Artericambi Gallery, Verona, Italy
2018 Language and its Possible Worlds California Institute of the Arts
  • Part of the Research Group, Language and its Possible Worlds, Center for Discursive Inquiry, School of Critical Studies, Panel discussion, Nov 8th, California Institute of the Arts
  • Los Angeles, USA
2018 How Art Ought to Think, Art and Reason, Contrapuntal Media, 2018
California Institute of the Arts
  • Art and Reason: Art's Possible Worlds, CAA 2017
  • Los Angeles
2017 Cold World and Neo-Con Noir
2017 What Would We Mean By Realism, Audio Visual Posthumanism, 2017
Cambridge Scholars Press
2015-2016 Art and Reason: How Art Thinks. Part One and Part Two
  • Art and Reason: How Art Thinks Part 1 of a series of two panel discussions., Panel Discussion as part of Visiting Professorship at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 2015-16
  • Art and Reason: How Art Thinks Part II, Panel Discussion as part of Visiting Professorship at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 2015-16
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • Gateshead, UK
2015 Culture Without Mirrors—Restructuring Creative-Cognitive Power
Glass Bead
  • Bots, Bodies and Beasts, Conference
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2013 Concept Without Difference: The Promise of the Generic
Sternberg Press
2015 Hard Cases Podcast dialogue with Robin Mackay
  • Yarnwork: Hard Cases, Podcast
  • Online podcast
2014 Speculative Aesthetics – review
  • Speculative Aesthetics - review, Short panel presentation for the launch of the book Speculative Aesthetics, as part of a Speculative Tate programme devised by James Trafford and Luke Pendrell, co-editors of the volume.
  • London
2014 Montreal Biennale – Artists’ panel
  • Final Machine, Montreal Biennale Artists' Panel: Amanda Beech, Skawenatti, Jillian Meyer, Hito Steyerl, chaired by Gregory Burke.
  • Montreal, Canada
2014 Future Impossible? Thinking the Image without Crisis
La Biennale de Montreal
2014 Art and its ‘Science’
2016 Heroic Realism: Violence, Conservatism, and the Fate of Culture
Urbanomic Docs
2014 On the Semantics of Art
  • On the Semantics of Art, On-line panel discussion with Diann Bauer, chair, Joshua Johnson
2014 Art and New Materialist Power: The Death of Anti Representationalist Critique
  • The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism III, Conference
  • London, UK
2014 Treason Without Guilt: An Alternative Realism
Eva International
2014 The Nouemon Unclothed: Metaphysics with Peter Wolfendale.
  • The Nouemon Unclothed: Metaphysics with Peter Wolfendale., Discussion seminar for Fixing the Future.
  • Online
2014 Space is No Object, The techno image and the regulations of critique.
Re-Inventing Horizons
  • Space is no Object, Post Planetary Capitalism Symposium
  • New York, NY, USA
2014 Incredible Machines
  • Vancouver, BC
2013 Science and its Fictions
CalArts West Hollywood Public Library Lecture series for the MA Aesthetics and Politics Program - WHAP!
2013 The Nature of Constraint, Art, Habit and Rule
  • Generative Constraints, Conference Keynote
  • London, UK
2013 Last Rights: The Non-Tragic Image and the Law
Sternberg Press
  • Last Rights: The Non-Tragic Image and the Law, Conference The Flood of Rights
  • Arles, France
2013 Exploding Horror
Merve, Verlag.
  • Knowing Horror, Real Horror Symposium
  • London UK
2013 Beyond the Contemporary
Spike Art Quarterly
2012 Traversing the Paradigm; Concept Without Difference, Image Without Art
Frakcija, Performing Arts Journal, No 64/65 2013
  • Art of the Concept, Conference
  • Contemporary Confrontations Between Art, Morality, Politics., Conference
  • Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Paris, FR
2012 (Winter) Art of the Concept, Frajika, 64/65
Centre for Drama Art Andrijevićeva 28, Zagreb, Croatia & Akademija dramske umjetnosti / Academy of Dramatic Art Trg maršala Tita 5, Zagreb, Croatia
2012 Real Video
  • Real Video, Conference
  • London, UK
2012 Special Relationships and the Tyranny of Freedom
2011 Knowing Horror
Incognitum Hacetenus
2010 Art and Resistance – Art and Change
  • Common Skies, Divided Horizons, Symposium
  • Folkestone, UK
2011 An Exercise in Fatality
2011 Curatorial futures with the image: Overcoming scepticism and unbinding the relational
Journal of Visual Arts Practice, Taylor and Francis
2010 The Real Thing: Panel discussion Tate Britian
Urbanoomic Falmouth
  • The Real Thing, Panel discussion
  • London, UK
2010 What Would We Mean by Realism?
  • Hospitality, Conference
  • Audio Visual AntiHumanism, Conference
  • ISEA , Conference
  • Sheffield, UK
  • Mytiline, GR
  • Istanbul, Turkey
2010 The Contingency of Curation
  • The Contingency of Curation, Symposium
  • Tate Britian
2009 Image-Force: In Conversation with Amanda Beech
Urbanomic Falmouth
2008 Episode: Pleasure and Persuasion in Lens-based Media
Artwords Press
  • Episode: Pleasure and Persuasion in Lens-based Media, Conference
  • London, UK
2008 We Never Close–Techno-culture and the Force of Law
Artwords Press
  • Ubiquitous Media, Asian Transformations, Conference
  • Tokyo, Japan
2008 Matters of Freedom
Pil and Galia Kollectiv
  • The Art and Politics of Irony, Conference
  • The Institute of Psychoplasmics, Discussion with Suhail Malik, Amanda Beech, Roman Vasseur and Pil and Galia Kollectiv.
  • Montreal
  • Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ, UK
2007 The Consequences of Capital
  • The Consequences of Capital, Discussion panel.
  • Chelsea College of Art
2007 Freedom from power – the problem of talking them down
Colony Gallery, Birmingham
2007 Art and Capital
  • Art and Capital, Panel discussion
  • Venice, IT
2007 Liberty and Contingency: Living with Metaphors
  • On Liberty and Art, Conference
  • London, UK
2007 Don’t fight it: the embodiment of critique.
Intellect, Taylor and Francis
  • Contents. Discontents. Malcontents, AAH Conference
  • Leeds UK
2007 The Dream of Putrefaction
2006 Culture and the Real World: The Folly of Critique
Site Gallery Sheffield
2006 Labour of Love
  • Modern Lovers, Symposium
  • London, UK
2005 On Violent Ground, Heidegger, Jünger and Malick
2004 Out for Justice: Complicity and disagreement in Fish and Segal