Language and its Possible Worlds


Published by:
California Institute of the Arts

Beech Wertheim Wiltgen
Volume/Event Contributors:

Amanda Beech Anna Longo Daniel Sacilotto Inigo Wilkins

This panel discussion brings together four speakers working across the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, music and art to discuss some of the mechanisms by which possible worlds could be imagined, constructed and instantiated. Given the highly coercive and heavily surveilled dynamics of the present moment, the question of construction, what we construct and its orientation to our future is ever present, and perhaps ever more urgent. The question of constructing possible worlds is a challenge to the arts, centrally because art has often been understood as something outside of the norm; naturally resistant to functionality; a domain of the senses that apparently resists instrumentalization. We will explore amongst other things, how art’s sensory and non-linguistic facility plays a part in constructing a future, asking if this complexity provides the dynamics by which to re-engineer a more robust integration of the speculative and the analytic.

Talk Context

  • Part of the Research Group, Language and its Possible Worlds, Center for Discursive Inquiry, School of Critical Studies
  • Panel discussion, Nov 8th, California Institute of the Arts
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Language Possible Worlds