Year Title Author Publisher PDF www
4th Nov 2017 Propositions for a Stage, 24 Frames of a Beautiful Heaven Christine Han Arthop
24th October, 2017 City Insight: Propositions for a Stage at ICA Singapore Bruce Quek Ocula
Feb, 2017. No. 403 Amanda Beech: Covenant Transport, Move or Die, Baltic, Gateshead. Art Monthly, Feb, 2017.No. 403 Jonathan P Watts. Jonathan P Watts Art Monthly
March 2019 Snow Crash, IMT Gallery, London Henry Broome Art Monthly
August 2016 Radical Praxes National Museum, Berlin Preview National Museum Berlin
25 September 2008 Any Other But Ourselves (Review of The Institute of Psychoplasmics) JJ Charlseworth Mute
November 18th 2015 What Hope Looks Like After Hope, Troubling the Real Agenda Culturel
28th December 2014 Amanda Beech “All Obstructing Walls Have Been Broken Down” Sara Greavu We Are Collected
Winter 2014 “Between Two Tomorrows: The 2014 Montreal Biennale” Hunter Braithwaite The Miami Rail
Winter 2014 MontreelX@BNLMTL 2014/ L’avenir (looking forward) Kate Schiebelbein MontreelX@BNLMTL 2014/ L’avenir (looking forward)
Monday November 12th 2014 BIENNALE MONTREAL 22.10.14 – 04.01.15 LOOKING FORWARD/L’AVENIR PART 2 Lena Ghio Lena Ghio
July 2014 Talk at Ten Interview with Amanda Beech Marfa Public Radio Kate Yoland Marfa Public Radio
May 2014 replica rolex lady datejust 26 ivory coloured dial stainless steel jubilee bracelet automatic watch 179384isbdj Agitationism Chris Clark Art Monthly
April 2014 Agitation, politics and monkeys at Ireland’s art biennial Aidan Dunne Irish Times
6th June 2013 Review of Asymmetrical Cinema, London Emma Cummins Aesthetica Magazine Blog
March 2013 Amanda Beech: Final Machine Beth Bramich This is Tomorrow
2013 Alison Jones and Amanda Beech: Audience into Community Ian Hunt
17th May 2012 Amanda Beech: The Church The Bank The Art Gallery Hannah Newell This is Tomorrow
December 2010 Some notes on “The Art of the Real” Robert Jackson Algorithm and Contingency
Dec. 11th, 2010 The Art of the Real S C Hickman Dark Chemistry
November 2010, Issue 321 The Real Thing Brian Dillon The Wire
Sept 7th 2010 The Real Thing: Art and Speculative Realism David Roden Enemy Industry
September 2010 The Real Thing: Urbanomic at Tate Britain ( A Journey) Tristam Vivian Adams Notes From the Vomitorium
January 2010 Sanity Assassin Skye Sherwin The Guardian Guide Weekend
January 2010 Preview – Sanity Assassin Skye Sherwin Guardian Weekend Guide
May 2008 Institute of Pyschoplasmics Alisdair Hopwood Art Review
March 2008 Future Greats Suhail Malik Art Review
March 2007 The Dream of Putrefaction Art Daily
December 2006 Falk, Preview The ArtNetwork
Jan 5th 2006 Amanda Beech: Falk Gabriel Coxhead Time Out London