Amanda Beech “All Obstructing Walls Have Been Broken Down”

Sara Greavu

Published in:
We Are Collected

28th December 2014

In Cataylst’s literature accompanying the exhibition, Beech sites a dizzying array of source material and reference points: seminal LA rap pioneers NWA; James Ellroy; Adorno; Horkheimer; Althusser; Roger Corman; photographic chronicler of LA Modernism, Julius Shulman; the Manson family; Kafka; and Schoenberg’s twelve-tone serial music. All Obstructing Walls Have Been Broken Down, in particular the video element of the work, offers an immersive, affective experience that is gripping, almost overwhelming. It evokes a sense of the paranoid fragmented self, under attack and hypervigilant. Within this dysphoric self-consciousness there is a sense of information piling up, filtered through arousal, fear, threat, anxiety.

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