Radical Praxes National Museum, Berlin Preview

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National Museum Berlin

August 2016

 Preview: Radical Praxes

‘State Line’ is an excoriating examination of the US Democratic Party’s links with the American-Italian mafia. Beech’s rage at the murderous corruption at the heart of American politics and its manifestation in her horizontal camera movements inside the Cal Neva Lodge on the shores of Lake Tahoe on the border between California and Nevada. The state border runs through the swimming pool. This is where the American-Italian mafia has traditionally controlled its interests in Las Vegas and California as well as the American Midwest. The ‘Godfather’ films also reference this place. The decor of the place is disgustingly opulent, seventies Mafia kitsch that Beech’s camera records as evidence of abuse of power and law. The video is accompanied by a suitably aggressive electronic music soundtrack specially composed for the piece.

National Museum Berlin

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