The Real Thing: Urbanomic at Tate Britain ( A Journey)

Tristam Vivian Adams

Published in:
Notes From the Vomitorium

September 2010

The Real Thing certainly provided a platform, an opportunity¬†for people to access, experience or explore a fleeting facet of speculative realism. Writers, thinkers, philosophers and academics have explored Speculative Realism for some years now, but retrospectively I cannot help but feel compelled by the unique power/effectiveness of art to convey such ideas and themes, the instantaneous effect, the vivid ontological impressions, especially from¬†Amanda Beech’s Sanity Assassin and Florian Heckers Speculative Solution were enthralling and powerful. It’s wonderful to have experienced art working and exploring so effectively for Speculative Realism, hopefully this exciting and effective mode of enquiry continues.

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