The Nouemon Unclothed: Metaphysics with Peter Wolfendale.


Volume/Event Contributors:

Peter Wolfendale with respondents Amanda BeechDaniel Sacilotto, Ben Woodard. Moderated by artist and writer Joshua Johnson.

With his recent book from Urbanomic, Object Oriented Philosophy: The Noumenon’s New Clothes, philosopher Peter Wolfendale examines trends in continental philosophy which seek to overturn a correlationist consensus, and directly access a metaphysical realism once more. Wolfendale engages a broad-ranging knowledge of the history Western philosophical thought, from Deleuze to Quine, to examine and critique this turn, arguing for the priority of a methodological epistemology if we are to have any hope of recovering a metaphysical stance worth advocating. Following Kant, Wolfendale’s Transcendental Realism proceeds from a fundamental deontology to revive the constructive trajectory of truth in the formal structure of the real, rationally and systematically engaging both the demands of thought and the world upon philosophy.


Talk Context

  • The Nouemon Unclothed: Metaphysics with Peter Wolfendale.
  • Discussion seminar for Fixing the Future.
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