Montreal Biennale – Artists’ panel


Volume/Event Contributors:

Gregory Burke, Amanda Beech, Skawenatti, Jillian Meyer, Hito Steyerl.

“The thing that ties these elements of narrative, image and space together was the imagining of a kind of post-political reality, which would be the effect of taking some theoretical ideas seriously, as if a philosophy was a pure and accurate description of a reality (as if!) whether we liked it or not. This would be a realist state in which the comprehension of reality was achieved at the level of image-action. This world-landscape that I have produced in the work is therefore a fiction that describes a certain ‘reality attitude’, and in doing so it also forces (and this is its hubris!) another ontology of art. The coalescence of language and thought, the mobility of thought, and the materiality of thought, were all central to the imagining of such a space. This is the place where people came out of the bunkers, as Althusser would say, with a refreshed and accurate conception of what constitutes reality.”

-Amanda Beech

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