Published by:
MOT, London

ISBN: 978-0-9554061-3-3

48 pages

Volume Contributors:
Amanda Beech, Roman Vasseur.

This book was commissioned as part of MOT gallery’s curatorial project “An Exhibition in Three Chapters”. The book features two essays each by Amanda Beech and Roman Vasseur and images that were used to research and develop the video work Falk.

“A young wife in a Scandinavian town, a new and unexpected baby and the threat to everything he stands for is on the line. How could a stranger’s death in far-away Miami have anything to do with a situation like this? He knew the mysterious forces that pervaded the operations, and the dangers he faced in his detection of undercover political games. Chased, stalked, watched. When vital evidence is being withheld – or even faked – and a sadistic killer is at large, he knew he couldn’t succumb to political pressure, or press harassment. He went in eyes open. Practical and efficient. When such a man is convinced there is no stopping him. He knew it would be a battle for his life.” (Amanda Beech, from the essay Car Squeeze, FALK, published by MOT international 2006)

Falk is featured in the CAC Museum’s Reading Room, Vilnius, Lithuania, http://www.cac.lt/en/general